Ohio University

Ohio University College Gate

I recently spent the weekend at my Alma Mater Ohio University for a wedding. I only graduated from OU three years ago, and every time I go to visit, I don’t want to go home. The small town of Athens, Ohio never ceases to please me. With the 20+ bars in two blocks, the homemade beer, hot dogs, pizzas, and burritos I always feel like I could stay there forever. Two of my friends Bret and Valerie met in class at OU, got engaged and married on the green. The wedding was absolutely stunning, and 100 degrees. No matter how hot the weather was, it didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.  I couldn’t help but get teary eyed when I looked around, and saw all the love. The love of friends, Athens, Ohio University, and everything that it brought, and brings into all our our lives. There were so many good college friends there, and we enjoyed the weekend to the fullest extent! Perhaps…too much, I seem to still be recovering, apparently I am not in college anymore.  My father, Aunt Mary Kaye, Aunt Patricia, myself, and now my sister Katie all attended Ohio University.  The campus is beautiful, and brings out the best in happiness, and education.  It may sound cheesy, but every time I am on the campus, all my worries disappear.  Congratulations Brett and Val!

*if you want to see more images/prints of the campus visit:



One thought on “Ohio University

  1. aww tiff i love this post!!! we feel the same way about the town/campus – it felt so right to get married there. love u*

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