Portrait with your Pet

Recently I have been approached by numerous people about taking portraits with their pets.  I attribute this to it being summer, and everyone being outside playing in the dog park, and at the dog beach.  My best friend just got married, and her miniature dachshund walked down the aisle, and was part of her wedding photos.  I completely understand the attachment to pets.  I have an incredible ornery, fat, long-haired calico cat.  My cat hates everything that has to do with getting her picture taken.  She closes her yes, and gets upset.  This is why her name is a swear word in a different language…Kaedella.  I love her, we have a lot in common.  Enough about me and my Kaedella, lets talk photography.  I have come up with a portrait package for you and your pet.  I figure it will only take 30 minutes, until the pet gets annoyed. So the package is…30 minutes for $125 at your favorite park with your pet.  Since it is a new package, I have a coupon on www.printmecoupon.com for $75.  Go get your pet, print your coupon, and give Tiffany O’Neill Photography a call!  See you at the park!  Don’t let the summer disappear without you getting a good portrait with your pet!


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