TOP on the Brown Line!

TOP in aBr

After a long day at work I was riding the brown Line home on the “L” when I happened to look up. Once I focused my eyes, I noticed that I was staring directly at my logo. My very own TOP logo, on an advertisement! It most certainly woke me up, and got me incredibly excited. This is how it all happened. A few months ago, I was approached by a friend of mine that started a company called PRINTMECOUPON.COM. It is a online coupon website, for local business’ to put up coupons to attempt to accumulate more business. With the economy these days, people love themselves a coupon! It is like we are back in the 50’s, but whatever. So after being on the website, Gwen asked me if I wanted my logo on their ads on the brown line. And I quickly said yes, not giving it two seconds thought. Me being me, I essentially forgot about it, until tonight. Tonight in my lethargic state saw my logo riding around the city. Super cool. I want everyone to see my logo, and know my name. This is super cool for me and it makes me want to do a new ad campaign. Maybe we will think about that after we get a few more clients….


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