Pilsen Open Studios

Lately, my life has been running at a speed that I can barely keep up with!  I have been asked to be involved in more than one exhibit, or event and I can’t express how excited I am about it all.  The most recent, and most upcoming event is the Pilsen Open Studios.  Let me explain.  The neighborhood that my studio is in is Pilsen, a very up and coming artistic community.  Pilsen was originally dominated by Mexican families, and it still is, but it is and has been infiltrated by artists seeking cheap rent.  All the “starving artists” keep getting pushed out of their neighborhoods, by developers and young urban professionals (Yuppies) gobbling up the neat neighborhoods.  With that being said, Pilsen is the coolest part of the city in my mind, and there are many different art galleries and studios all over.  18th street is a main street in Pilsen, and there is a group that has been formed called PILSEN OPEN STUDIOS. ( www.pilsenopenstudios.org).  They have open studios every month for the city of Chicago to come in to the artist’s worlds, and see what is going on in the artist community.  It is a great way for artists to get exposure, as well as the Pilsen community.  This month the event is on August 16th & 17th from noon-8pm.  The studios will be open, and will have refreshments, and artwork on display.  Tiffany O’Neill Photography will be involved, and open to meet you.  Please feel free to stop by and say hi!

Here is the exact info:

Pilsen Open Studios


August 16th & 17th noon-8pm

Tiffany O’Neill Photography

2150 S. Canalport Ave

Studio 4B-1

Chicago IL, 60608

440-897-2869  tiffany@tiffanyoneilphotography.com

Come one…Come all.


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