Women Chefs…Women Artists.

Chef Tiffany

In the wake of having an all women art show, I couldn’t help but take a moment and think about the sexism involved in so many different industries.  In the press release that I have been distributing, it is clearly stated that artistic qualities run in the women gene in my family.  It is true, therefore I don’t mind it being in the press release.  I have built my advertising campaign for the show around the idea of the women artists in my family.  I cherish that, and it inspires everything in me that I do every day.  But for artists, it seems there is a larger ratio for women than men.  I say that incredibly cautiously, mind you.  When I observe the photography industry, it is completely infiltrated and dominated by men.  I have been working in this industry for a few years now, and I learned very quickly, being a 5’2″ 120lbs girl doesn’t get you very much street credit.  You have to work for that, you have to show everybody that you know the technical side as well as the artistic side of photography, and it doesn’t hurt if you can lift 80lbs of equipment too!  I love the photography industry, but it can be a male dominated industry, if you let it.  I have a network of amazing women photographers that I stay in touch with, and we are aware of the sexism, and we continue to persevere and do what we love.  While I was thinking about art, photography, and women, it also brought me to the food industry.  The food industry is an incredibly large part of my life as well.  Not only from doing food photography, but I have worked, and still work in the food industry for 12+ years.  I have worked in almost every angle and position in the restaurant or bar.  The atmosphere is amazing, and it has shown and taught me many different stories, skills, and qualities that no school I could ever pay for.  With that being said, I wonder about professional women chefs.  I was watching Top Chef, and it started to make me wonder.  The age-old stereotype is “women belong in the kitchen”….at home.  Women in professional kitchens are few and far between.  “Why don’t women wear watches?….because there is a clock on the stove” ,….at home.  I could go on for hours about the sexist jokes, and phrases.  These days to be a chef is super cool, trendy and hip, if you are a man?  Stephanie Izzard a winner of Top Chef just opened a restaurant down the road from my studio, and it is the hottest spot to be seen right now.  So is the industry getting better, due to the popularity of shows like Top Chef?  I wonder.  So I think I am going to start a photo documentary/investigation on women chefs.  Personal project #2534 here I come!  So if you are a woman chef, and you want to talk to me, and get your picture taken shoot me an email….tiffany@tiffanyoneillphotography.com


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