To Athens…and Beyond

This weekend, I am heading to Athens Ohio, with my father to assist him on his  Ohio Supreme Court Campaign (Oneill for Justice), and I couldn’t help but get very excited about the trip.  My father would like to believe that I am excited to be his social media coordinator, but he is no fool.  My father graduated from Ohio University as well as I, and he knows the real reason why I was so eager to assist him this weekend.  If you have never been to Athens, or heard the stories, or read the articles in Playboy then you are seriously missing out.  The town is the home of Ohio University, and the home to many of my fondest memories of my life.  It is safe to say I met some of my BEST FRIENDS while I lived in Athens.  I was a bartender at a sports bar called The Pigskin, and it taught me many things about life, people, and many other things that I will leave for the imagination.  Ohio University is where I studied photography, and it is what leads me to you today.  So I figured I would share with you a little slide show of some images that I took of the great town, and university.  And as always, if you would like to purchase any of these or any of my images, feel free to browse my online print shop, at Tiffany O’Neill Photography    Enjoy!

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