My garden green thumb

My garden green thumb

 My life of being a bartender in a college town, to a struggling photographer in a big city, never lended to having a garden.  I barely had the time to care for anything other than my dwindling bank account, and the never ending hang overs.  Now, I am in a different place in my life, I have a little more time, a new happy bakery, and an incredible relationship that helps me grow everyday.  I signed up to be part of our community garden, and for some crazy reason they accepted.  Now the fun begins….

Image Today was the day I finally got to view my space in the community garden, and what a site it was!  I met my garden neighbor today, Eileen, and she explained to me that perhaps the space that I received had been a bit neglected.  Neglected!? How about all but left for dead, or not considering there is nothing dead in this area…more thriving in fact.  For a moment while I was talking to Eileen, I couldn’t help but think that the garden committee was playing some sick twisted game on me, because I am the new girl.  Clearly I have been scorned by women in my life.  But instead of making obsurd accusations, I just dove in.

I started hacking at the weeds, and talking to fellow gardeners, and discovered that there were some actual plants in the mess above, and I started to attempt to find them.  I did find a rose bush, Hostas, and Lillies, all of which I kept, and did not pull up.  Everything else, is gone.  It took me approximately 4 1/2 hours to get through it all, but I finally saw some dirt, and not grass a weeds.  My back hurts, my fingers have blisters, but now I have a garden!


Now all I have to do is figure out what else to plant…  Food is Art is Life.



2 thoughts on “My garden green thumb

  1. Tiffany, you did an amazing job, especially for a newbie. Now if you don’t want them to grow back you could put down cardboard boxes that have been cut to lay flat or old newspaper’s , soak them really well with water and then mulch. I am sure that with your busy schedule that you will certainly enjoy gardening, it is very relaxing, tiring but relaxing. LOL Welcome to the club…now I have to go redo the flower bed on the side of my house.

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