Fuel the Fire


I was recently reminded of this photo that I took in college because the bar that was below it, The Pigskin recently had a fire, and it seemed fitting.  I worked in the bar that was below this apartment for three years in college, and it is the one and only reason why I almost never left Athens Ohio, as well as just barely graduated college.  Working at The Pigskin gave me many different memories, and taught me many different things that I still take with me today.  But enough about my silly college shanangans, let’s talk photography… 

This photograph was a project that I had in mind ever since I saw this abandoned apartment.  This apartment has since been remodeled into a modern abode, and for that reason is why this image is so special.  I was able to walk into an enviroment that had not been touched in years, set up my lights and direct my models as I pleased.  The image speaks to me on many different levels, the contrast of the decomposition and fire damage of the room, with the level of dress the models are wearing.  I wanted this moment to be a drastic contrast, and somewhat of a metaphor of what many of us do in life. 

“When all things around you are a mess, put on your best, and carry on.”

 I think everyone can relate to this image, and we have all had situations where we could easily be one of the models in the photo, I know I can.  

If you want to purchase this image, you can view it in my gallery on my website, it comes in various sizes for you.  Enjoy. 


Food is Art is Life.


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