Pickle Test Shoot

This morning, I clearly woke up on the “I’m not a successful photographer” side of the bed.  I was complaining all morning to my amazing loving boyfriend, while merely trying to cheer me up, he tragically uttered the words… “you aren’t trying”, perhaps not meaning it the way I thought but, it sent me reeling to a new level of infuriated unsuccessful anger, and storming out of the room.  Yes, don’t worry I am aware I am a child, and I can’t believe I still throw temper tanturms.  While I was sulking by myself, I thought maybe he was right, I needed to try harder.  So after my love left for work, I pulled out all my equipment, and set up my photography studio in his office.  I have a feeling he won’t try to comfort me anymore!

After I got everything set up, it was clearly time for a test shoot, and what better to take pictures of are my cucumbers and pickles.  My garden lately has been producing more cucumbers that I know what to do with, so now I am going to put them to good use.

Maybe someday down the road, I will get hired by a farm, or a restaurant that needs me to take pictures of their cucumbers.  Or better yet a cookbook, that needs images for the recipes.  That is the dream, but until then I will keep trying, working on my technique, and attempt to stay positive.


Above is my first general set up.  It never remains that way, this is just the beginning stages.  I typically change it numerous times to get the shot that I actually need.  The office/studio is a bit small, but it works.


The cucumbers from the garden.  These babies just keep growing and growing and growing.  I love them, yet at the same time I am getting very tired of pickling!  But they really are very crisp and beautiful, with the right lighting, and styling, a simple cucumber can be a very clean photo.


And here is the final product from the months of tending, growing, and loving…The Pickles!  If I ever write a cookbook, I will include this image with the recipe on it.

And there we have it, it is before noon, I have gotten in an argument over my insecurities, set up a studio, and did a test shoot.  Now all I have to do is get to Vegan Sweet Tooth and help make a wedding cake.

www.tiffanyoneillphoto.com  Food is Art is Life


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