One Month and Counting!


It is official, my show is ONE MONTH away, and now I can begin to panic!  Panic, may be an overstatement, but the butterflies are definately here.  This will be my first show in Cleveland, and it brings many different feelings to mind.  My last show I had was in Chicago, in my own studio, with all my best friends.  I left Chicago in pursuit of Vegan Sweet Tooth, and my path changed in more ways than I can even describe.  Now that Vegan Sweet Tooth is sailing smoothly, it is time for me to start pushing my button, and capturing the moments.  So please, join me for my event!   All the info is below:

Food is Art is LIfe 

Sept 9th, 2012

2pm- 6pm 

Nexus Cafe and Coffee House

627 Prospect ave

Cleveland Ohio

If you would like to browse through some of the photos that will be on display at the show, on my website…




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