Ohio Spring Ferns

I can’t believe that it has been since January since my last post!!!  My life has been spinning out of control lately, in a good way.  The bakery has been super busy, and I got hired as a client concierge at Kim Ponsky Photography here in Cleveland and it has taken me for an amazing ride already, not to mention my wedding date is quickly approaching.  Therefore, my personal photography projects have been put on the back burner…until lately.  I realized that with all of the other things going on in my life, I really need my personal photography to help decompress, and not stress about everything else.

The other day when Matt was mowing the lawn, Samantha (our golden retriever) and I were poking our noses around in the woods of the backyard.  I was experimenting with my “Holga” digital lens, that I made, and having fun with the distortion.  I got a fun shot of the spring flowers on the tree that I plan on hanging my hammock on next month.


While I was playing around with the flowers, I realized I was standing in a sea of new ferns, that were just starting to come alive.  I have always wanted to capture the uncurling of a fern, and I could not believe how incredible it was!  I felt like the ferns knew that I needed a hug, and they were motioning it to me…yep I am that weird girl.  Hugging Ferns…


Or maybe they look like the caterpillar from Alice and wonderland…


And perhaps we should all lean a little..and take a nap?





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