Lens baby Adventure #1


Summer is in full swing at my household, the garden is growing, Matt plays golf on the weekends, and now we are exploring with new camera equipment.    Matt is having fun with his new camera learning about the camera world, and I purchased my new Lens baby, and Samantha our golden retriever is loving all the fun!

Today was my first day really trying to figure out the lens, and it was rather interesting to say the least!  I bought the Lens baby Composer Pro 35, with a sweet spot.  Let’s talk about that “sweet spot”, that is the spot that stays in focus, while everything else is artistically blurred.  Either I am going blind, or that “sweet spot” was one of the hardest things to get in focus.  It reminded me of other elusive sweet spots in life, that tend to be hard to find…if you know what I mean.  😉

After an hour or so, I think I got a few okay shots, and learned that I have a lot to learn about this lens and it’s sweet spot…





Food is Art is LIfe



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