Ice Ice Baby

After spending a majority of my day in the freezing cold, I can finally say I am warm again.  I played around in with some water, which created these pretty ice abstract images.  I feel like I am in an ice cave, looking out through the few windows, that have been covered with ice for years.  Enjoy!








Snow and Ice…is very nice!

As many people in the USA, I have been dealing with the extreme cold temperatures of 2014.  In Cleveland, Ohio today, it got down below 10 degrees, with a wind chill of -30.  So naturally, I grabbed my camera and went to explore the ice!  I live in a town that has beautiful waterfalls, and I knew that they would create some very unique images.  The waterfalls were not completely frozen, but had many different pieces of ice incorporated.  The water and ice working together, remind me of an alternate universe, a universe where the glass blowing artist Chihuly would live.  Enjoy… and stay warm!













Coasters…Coasters…and more COASTERS!

In the past week or so, I have been diving into the Esty world, and learning that it is a very vast world!  I opened my Tiffany O’Neill Photo shop on Etsy, and began uploading images of prints that people can buy.  I know that many people don’t change their artwork in their homes very often so that got me thinking of different ways to use my images.  

The first thing that I noticed was that there are copious amounts of coasters on Etsy.  I am clearly not inventing the wheel here.  I did notice that there are not many coasters of my home town, Cleveland, or Chagrin Falls for that matter.  So that is where my coasters come in.  I have many different images of Ohio, Cleveland, and Chagrin Falls, so I got to work.  I believe that these coasters could add to a home’s decor, and be some nice conversation pieces at a party.  

The first coasters that I thought of were Cleveland based.  We have many different landmarks in Cleveland, so these are just the beginning.  

Cleveland Skyline CoasterThis is a set of 4 coasters, all of which have my image of the Cleveland Skyline in Black and White.  

Cleveland Rocks!This set of coasters I call the CLEVELAND ROCKS! It has 2 coasters with the Skyline, and 2 coasters with an image of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  You can’t come to Cleveland and not see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 

West Side MarketAnd finally we have my favorite landmark in Cleveland, the West Side Market.  One of the oldest markets in the nation!  

All of my coasters are made out of ceramic tile, with felt on the back to avoid scratching the tables.  That is the point of a coaster right…to protect the table?  All of the images are taken by me, Tiffany O’Neill, and are printed professionally.  These coasters can be purchased on my Esty shop for $25.o0 a set.  Please spread the word, and follow my journey on Etsy!  

Do you have a shop on Etsy?  If so, I would love to see it.  Please share! 




Tiffany O’Neill Photography is on ETSY!


For those of you that read my post yesterday, I was having a hard time whether or not to put my photography on Etsy.  I got some serious feedback, and it was ALL over the map.  I had photographers tell me that it is nearly impossible to sell photography as “art”, and I had entrepreneurs chirping in my ear tell me to “DO IT”.  So I figured, the compulsive nature in my belly wouldn’t give up unless I try.

My Etsy account is set up as Tiffany O’Neill Photo, and I am putting some of my most popular photos up on it in print form to start.  I figure to give me a little time to organize things, start with what I know, and that is prints.  I intend to expand my offerings in the coming months to calendars, framed images, stationary, cards, and coasters.  Get a little artzy on you!

So please, visit my Etsy site, and say hi, or favorite a picture, or follow the progress of my shop! That is why we have blogs right, for exposure? You can find my shop at this link:

I hope you enjoy, and stop back, to see the progress!

*Food is Art is Life*


Vietri Desserts

This past week, I was lucky enough to work on a custom project for a store in Eton, La Bella Vita.  La Bella Vita sells many different kinds of beautiful hand crafted plate wares, and they had an event coming up for an incredible Italian line they carry, VIETRI.  Barbara approached Vegan Sweet Tooth with an idea to create cupcakes and cookies that emulate the painting designs on the plates that they sell. It took three bakers/artists three days to hand paint these fondant pieces, and pipe the words on the cookies.  It is clear that all the hard work paid off, and the founder of Vietri, as well as the owner of La Bella Vita were blown away!  I took a few images to show you…Enjoy!








After a long day at the bakery, and an even longer day researching venues for my photography exhibit I thought it was time to look at my flowers.  I have been working on a new project of images from my garden, and I finally sat down to edit, and edit I did.  I can’t wait to print these, and make some gallery wraps as well.  These are going to make some amazing show stopping pieces 🙂  So here is a sneak peek…  ENJOY!!!






Calla Lilly




Wild Flowers.

If you are not able to attend the photo exhibit these images and more are for sale on my website.

Food is Art is Life

To pinterest or to not pinterest…

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my photography lately, and haven’t had much time to work on it, so I thought I would post some of my older images to inspire you, and hopefully inspire myself!   ENJOY!

O’Neill Art Show Press Release

Three Women. Two Generations. One Art Show.
A family of female artists – Partricia OʼNeill Sacha, Mary Kaye OʼNeill and Tiffany OʼNeill
will present their artwork together for the first time at the OʼNeill Art Show.

CHICAGO – Red hair and a high IQ. Certain things just run in the family, and the same can be
said for the art gene, passed down through the ladies of the OʼNeill family. Scattered across the
country, Patricia, located in Alliance, Ohio, Tiffany, a Lincoln Square inhabitant, and Mary Kaye,
hailing from Arizona, will make their art a family affair during the OʼNeill Art Show, August 28 at
Heir Gallery, in Pilsen. Patriciaʼs pottery, Mary Kayeʼs art to wear (sold as Laughing Giraffe) and
Tiffany OʼNeill Photography will bring an eclectic variety of mixed media art to the recently
opened gallery, located within Lacuna Artist Lofts. For Tiffany art is also something she shares
with her mother, who died when Tiffany was 11 years old. “She owned an embroidery business,
and made everything in my life about art. Even the puffy paint on my sweatshirt had an artistic
touch, and I really feel like she is a part of everything I do, not just photography.” Tiffany says.
“When Tiff suggested we all sell our artwork together, I was excited to see my sisterʼs and my
niecesʼ pieces in one room together,” Mary Kaye says. “We have very different aesthetics, but
the love put into each piece is a shared quality. Itʼs amazing to see so much artistic expression
manifest itself in so many ways.” Patricia throws her pottery in her home studio and sells her
work through Ohio-area pottery alliances. Tiffany and Mary Kaye each have an impressive roster
of clients. Tiffanyʼs photography clients include Oy! Chicago, Amanda Michelle Yoga and
portraits for elected officials, actors and Chicago-area executives; Mary Kaye sells her art to
wear in fine galleries throughout the Southwest.
The OʼNeill Art Show is free and open to the public. The event runs from 5-9pm in the Heir
Gallery, 2150 S. Canalport Ave. Contact Tiffany at contact
with questions.

Contact: Tiffany OʼNeill
2150 S. Canalport Ave, Studio 4B-1, Chicago, IL 60608 – Tel 440-897-2869