Tiffany O’Neill Photography is on ETSY!


For those of you that read my post yesterday, I was having a hard time whether or not to put my photography on Etsy.  I got some serious feedback, and it was ALL over the map.  I had photographers tell me that it is nearly impossible to sell photography as “art”, and I had entrepreneurs chirping in my ear tell me to “DO IT”.  So I figured, the compulsive nature in my belly wouldn’t give up unless I try.

My Etsy account is set up as Tiffany O’Neill Photo, and I am putting some of my most popular photos up on it in print form to start.  I figure to give me a little time to organize things, start with what I know, and that is prints.  I intend to expand my offerings in the coming months to calendars, framed images, stationary, cards, and coasters.  Get a little artzy on you!

So please, visit my Etsy site, and say hi, or favorite a picture, or follow the progress of my shop! That is why we have blogs right, for exposure? You can find my shop at this link:

I hope you enjoy, and stop back, to see the progress!

*Food is Art is Life*


To ETSY…or not to ETSY????


To Etsy…or not to Etsy, is the only question in my head today.  I am obsessed, so I thought I would throw it out to you, and hopefully I get some feed back.  I come from an entire family of free thinkers, artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, so the question really isn’t if I should take a risk.  My entire family would encourage me to live my life to the fullest, and follow my heart, and live my dreams, which I cherish, and I do every day.  But right now I am at a very large cross road. 

Let me explain my Etsy situation…

I studied commercial photography, specializing in food photography from Ohio University, with a minor in fine art.  When I lived in Chicago I opened my own photography studio, and I was in heaven.  Life changed, and I moved to Ohio to open an amazing vegan bakery with my best friend, and it is a mad success.  But today, I crave deep in my bones to be the photographer again, I don’t know if it is because I just turned 30 or not, all I can say is I feel it.   So I thought maybe I could dabble in the Etsy world.  Multi task the bakery and the photography, it has been done before…right? 

I talked to my friend who had a shop on etsy, selling hand knit cowls, and she gave me some good advice.  She said that it was a lot of work marketing, the Etsy market is not what it was 5 years ago, it is very saturated now.  She also mentioned that with photography, you need to be more creative, than just put an image up.  Which I agree, and she gave me some great ideas on products that would sell.  Such as coasters, like to one you see above.  

I have many many many images that would be marketable in many different cities all over the country, so I believe I could reach far.  I also have many different ideas such as the coasters, cards, and many different items.  

I have a mixed bag of friends, and I know my artist friends would say, “jump in”, and I know my commercial advertising photography friends would most likely say “work on editorial marketing”.  I know that shouldn’t sway my opinion, but I guess I just need more feedback. 

So I suppose the question to all of you is, have you ever worked with Etsy?  Are you a photographer on Etsy?  Is it worth my time, and would you buy a product from my shop? 

Thanks in advance! 

Baby Photography

Recently, many of my close friends have been having babies, so it is only  natural that I take photos of their adorable babies.  One baby that is very close to my heart it Olive.  Olive is almost 12 weeks old now, and she is the newborn of my best friend Rebecca.  I was fortunate enough to document the process, and get some incredible photos of Rebecca in her pregnancy, as well as photos of baby olive when she was two weeks old.



One Month and Counting!


It is official, my show is ONE MONTH away, and now I can begin to panic!  Panic, may be an overstatement, but the butterflies are definately here.  This will be my first show in Cleveland, and it brings many different feelings to mind.  My last show I had was in Chicago, in my own studio, with all my best friends.  I left Chicago in pursuit of Vegan Sweet Tooth, and my path changed in more ways than I can even describe.  Now that Vegan Sweet Tooth is sailing smoothly, it is time for me to start pushing my button, and capturing the moments.  So please, join me for my event!   All the info is below:

Food is Art is LIfe 

Sept 9th, 2012

2pm- 6pm 

Nexus Cafe and Coffee House

627 Prospect ave

Cleveland Ohio

If you would like to browse through some of the photos that will be on display at the show, on my website…



Fuel the Fire


I was recently reminded of this photo that I took in college because the bar that was below it, The Pigskin recently had a fire, and it seemed fitting.  I worked in the bar that was below this apartment for three years in college, and it is the one and only reason why I almost never left Athens Ohio, as well as just barely graduated college.  Working at The Pigskin gave me many different memories, and taught me many different things that I still take with me today.  But enough about my silly college shanangans, let’s talk photography… 

This photograph was a project that I had in mind ever since I saw this abandoned apartment.  This apartment has since been remodeled into a modern abode, and for that reason is why this image is so special.  I was able to walk into an enviroment that had not been touched in years, set up my lights and direct my models as I pleased.  The image speaks to me on many different levels, the contrast of the decomposition and fire damage of the room, with the level of dress the models are wearing.  I wanted this moment to be a drastic contrast, and somewhat of a metaphor of what many of us do in life. 

“When all things around you are a mess, put on your best, and carry on.”

 I think everyone can relate to this image, and we have all had situations where we could easily be one of the models in the photo, I know I can.  

If you want to purchase this image, you can view it in my gallery on my website, it comes in various sizes for you.  Enjoy. 

Food is Art is Life.

Dog portraits…pet photography

My best friend came to me the other day, and suggested that we enter our dog’s portraits into a photo contest at Trader Joe’s.  Rebecca and I are very similar in the sense that we are obsessed with animals, and our personal pets are some of the more spoiled pets in Northeast Ohio.  I jumped on the opportunity, and I would love to share the results with you.  I spent a few afternoons playing with the pooches and got plenty of great pictures to share so with out further ado, let me introduce, Felix the miniature Daschund, and Samantha the Golden Retriever.  

If you have a amazing pet, and would love some portraits taken, feel free to contact me at 








Food is Art is Life