Tiffany O’Neill Photography is on ETSY!


For those of you that read my post yesterday, I was having a hard time whether or not to put my photography on Etsy.  I got some serious feedback, and it was ALL over the map.  I had photographers tell me that it is nearly impossible to sell photography as “art”, and I had entrepreneurs chirping in my ear tell me to “DO IT”.  So I figured, the compulsive nature in my belly wouldn’t give up unless I try.

My Etsy account is set up as Tiffany O’Neill Photo, and I am putting some of my most popular photos up on it in print form to start.  I figure to give me a little time to organize things, start with what I know, and that is prints.  I intend to expand my offerings in the coming months to calendars, framed images, stationary, cards, and coasters.  Get a little artzy on you!

So please, visit my Etsy site, and say hi, or favorite a picture, or follow the progress of my shop! That is why we have blogs right, for exposure? You can find my shop at this link:

I hope you enjoy, and stop back, to see the progress!

*Food is Art is Life*


To ETSY…or not to ETSY????


To Etsy…or not to Etsy, is the only question in my head today.  I am obsessed, so I thought I would throw it out to you, and hopefully I get some feed back.  I come from an entire family of free thinkers, artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, so the question really isn’t if I should take a risk.  My entire family would encourage me to live my life to the fullest, and follow my heart, and live my dreams, which I cherish, and I do every day.  But right now I am at a very large cross road. 

Let me explain my Etsy situation…

I studied commercial photography, specializing in food photography from Ohio University, with a minor in fine art.  When I lived in Chicago I opened my own photography studio, and I was in heaven.  Life changed, and I moved to Ohio to open an amazing vegan bakery with my best friend, and it is a mad success.  But today, I crave deep in my bones to be the photographer again, I don’t know if it is because I just turned 30 or not, all I can say is I feel it.   So I thought maybe I could dabble in the Etsy world.  Multi task the bakery and the photography, it has been done before…right? 

I talked to my friend who had a shop on etsy, selling hand knit cowls, and she gave me some good advice.  She said that it was a lot of work marketing, the Etsy market is not what it was 5 years ago, it is very saturated now.  She also mentioned that with photography, you need to be more creative, than just put an image up.  Which I agree, and she gave me some great ideas on products that would sell.  Such as coasters, like to one you see above.  

I have many many many images that would be marketable in many different cities all over the country, so I believe I could reach far.  I also have many different ideas such as the coasters, cards, and many different items.  

I have a mixed bag of friends, and I know my artist friends would say, “jump in”, and I know my commercial advertising photography friends would most likely say “work on editorial marketing”.  I know that shouldn’t sway my opinion, but I guess I just need more feedback. 

So I suppose the question to all of you is, have you ever worked with Etsy?  Are you a photographer on Etsy?  Is it worth my time, and would you buy a product from my shop? 

Thanks in advance! 

O’Neill Art Show Press Release

Three Women. Two Generations. One Art Show.
A family of female artists – Partricia OʼNeill Sacha, Mary Kaye OʼNeill and Tiffany OʼNeill
will present their artwork together for the first time at the OʼNeill Art Show.

CHICAGO – Red hair and a high IQ. Certain things just run in the family, and the same can be
said for the art gene, passed down through the ladies of the OʼNeill family. Scattered across the
country, Patricia, located in Alliance, Ohio, Tiffany, a Lincoln Square inhabitant, and Mary Kaye,
hailing from Arizona, will make their art a family affair during the OʼNeill Art Show, August 28 at
Heir Gallery, in Pilsen. Patriciaʼs pottery, Mary Kayeʼs art to wear (sold as Laughing Giraffe) and
Tiffany OʼNeill Photography will bring an eclectic variety of mixed media art to the recently
opened gallery, located within Lacuna Artist Lofts. For Tiffany art is also something she shares
with her mother, who died when Tiffany was 11 years old. “She owned an embroidery business,
and made everything in my life about art. Even the puffy paint on my sweatshirt had an artistic
touch, and I really feel like she is a part of everything I do, not just photography.” Tiffany says.
“When Tiff suggested we all sell our artwork together, I was excited to see my sisterʼs and my
niecesʼ pieces in one room together,” Mary Kaye says. “We have very different aesthetics, but
the love put into each piece is a shared quality. Itʼs amazing to see so much artistic expression
manifest itself in so many ways.” Patricia throws her pottery in her home studio and sells her
work through Ohio-area pottery alliances. Tiffany and Mary Kaye each have an impressive roster
of clients. Tiffanyʼs photography clients include Oy! Chicago, Amanda Michelle Yoga and
portraits for elected officials, actors and Chicago-area executives; Mary Kaye sells her art to
wear in fine galleries throughout the Southwest.
The OʼNeill Art Show is free and open to the public. The event runs from 5-9pm in the Heir
Gallery, 2150 S. Canalport Ave. Contact Tiffany at contact
with questions.

Contact: Tiffany OʼNeill
2150 S. Canalport Ave, Studio 4B-1, Chicago, IL 60608 – Tel 440-897-2869

Pilsen Open Studios

Lately, my life has been running at a speed that I can barely keep up with!  I have been asked to be involved in more than one exhibit, or event and I can’t express how excited I am about it all.  The most recent, and most upcoming event is the Pilsen Open Studios.  Let me explain.  The neighborhood that my studio is in is Pilsen, a very up and coming artistic community.  Pilsen was originally dominated by Mexican families, and it still is, but it is and has been infiltrated by artists seeking cheap rent.  All the “starving artists” keep getting pushed out of their neighborhoods, by developers and young urban professionals (Yuppies) gobbling up the neat neighborhoods.  With that being said, Pilsen is the coolest part of the city in my mind, and there are many different art galleries and studios all over.  18th street is a main street in Pilsen, and there is a group that has been formed called PILSEN OPEN STUDIOS. (  They have open studios every month for the city of Chicago to come in to the artist’s worlds, and see what is going on in the artist community.  It is a great way for artists to get exposure, as well as the Pilsen community.  This month the event is on August 16th & 17th from noon-8pm.  The studios will be open, and will have refreshments, and artwork on display.  Tiffany O’Neill Photography will be involved, and open to meet you.  Please feel free to stop by and say hi!

Here is the exact info:

Pilsen Open Studios

August 16th & 17th noon-8pm

Tiffany O’Neill Photography

2150 S. Canalport Ave

Studio 4B-1

Chicago IL, 60608


Come one…Come all.