One Month and Counting!


It is official, my show is ONE MONTH away, and now I can begin to panic!  Panic, may be an overstatement, but the butterflies are definately here.  This will be my first show in Cleveland, and it brings many different feelings to mind.  My last show I had was in Chicago, in my own studio, with all my best friends.  I left Chicago in pursuit of Vegan Sweet Tooth, and my path changed in more ways than I can even describe.  Now that Vegan Sweet Tooth is sailing smoothly, it is time for me to start pushing my button, and capturing the moments.  So please, join me for my event!   All the info is below:

Food is Art is LIfe 

Sept 9th, 2012

2pm- 6pm 

Nexus Cafe and Coffee House

627 Prospect ave

Cleveland Ohio

If you would like to browse through some of the photos that will be on display at the show, on my website…



Pickle Test Shoot

This morning, I clearly woke up on the “I’m not a successful photographer” side of the bed.  I was complaining all morning to my amazing loving boyfriend, while merely trying to cheer me up, he tragically uttered the words… “you aren’t trying”, perhaps not meaning it the way I thought but, it sent me reeling to a new level of infuriated unsuccessful anger, and storming out of the room.  Yes, don’t worry I am aware I am a child, and I can’t believe I still throw temper tanturms.  While I was sulking by myself, I thought maybe he was right, I needed to try harder.  So after my love left for work, I pulled out all my equipment, and set up my photography studio in his office.  I have a feeling he won’t try to comfort me anymore!

After I got everything set up, it was clearly time for a test shoot, and what better to take pictures of are my cucumbers and pickles.  My garden lately has been producing more cucumbers that I know what to do with, so now I am going to put them to good use.

Maybe someday down the road, I will get hired by a farm, or a restaurant that needs me to take pictures of their cucumbers.  Or better yet a cookbook, that needs images for the recipes.  That is the dream, but until then I will keep trying, working on my technique, and attempt to stay positive.


Above is my first general set up.  It never remains that way, this is just the beginning stages.  I typically change it numerous times to get the shot that I actually need.  The office/studio is a bit small, but it works.


The cucumbers from the garden.  These babies just keep growing and growing and growing.  I love them, yet at the same time I am getting very tired of pickling!  But they really are very crisp and beautiful, with the right lighting, and styling, a simple cucumber can be a very clean photo.


And here is the final product from the months of tending, growing, and loving…The Pickles!  If I ever write a cookbook, I will include this image with the recipe on it.

And there we have it, it is before noon, I have gotten in an argument over my insecurities, set up a studio, and did a test shoot.  Now all I have to do is get to Vegan Sweet Tooth and help make a wedding cake.  Food is Art is Life