Tiffany O’Neill Photography is on ETSY!


For those of you that read my post yesterday, I was having a hard time whether or not to put my photography on Etsy.  I got some serious feedback, and it was ALL over the map.  I had photographers tell me that it is nearly impossible to sell photography as “art”, and I had entrepreneurs chirping in my ear tell me to “DO IT”.  So I figured, the compulsive nature in my belly wouldn’t give up unless I try.

My Etsy account is set up as Tiffany O’Neill Photo, and I am putting some of my most popular photos up on it in print form to start.  I figure to give me a little time to organize things, start with what I know, and that is prints.  I intend to expand my offerings in the coming months to calendars, framed images, stationary, cards, and coasters.  Get a little artzy on you!

So please, visit my Etsy site, and say hi, or favorite a picture, or follow the progress of my shop! That is why we have blogs right, for exposure? You can find my shop at this link:

I hope you enjoy, and stop back, to see the progress!

*Food is Art is Life*


To ETSY…or not to ETSY????


To Etsy…or not to Etsy, is the only question in my head today.  I am obsessed, so I thought I would throw it out to you, and hopefully I get some feed back.  I come from an entire family of free thinkers, artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, so the question really isn’t if I should take a risk.  My entire family would encourage me to live my life to the fullest, and follow my heart, and live my dreams, which I cherish, and I do every day.  But right now I am at a very large cross road. 

Let me explain my Etsy situation…

I studied commercial photography, specializing in food photography from Ohio University, with a minor in fine art.  When I lived in Chicago I opened my own photography studio, and I was in heaven.  Life changed, and I moved to Ohio to open an amazing vegan bakery with my best friend, and it is a mad success.  But today, I crave deep in my bones to be the photographer again, I don’t know if it is because I just turned 30 or not, all I can say is I feel it.   So I thought maybe I could dabble in the Etsy world.  Multi task the bakery and the photography, it has been done before…right? 

I talked to my friend who had a shop on etsy, selling hand knit cowls, and she gave me some good advice.  She said that it was a lot of work marketing, the Etsy market is not what it was 5 years ago, it is very saturated now.  She also mentioned that with photography, you need to be more creative, than just put an image up.  Which I agree, and she gave me some great ideas on products that would sell.  Such as coasters, like to one you see above.  

I have many many many images that would be marketable in many different cities all over the country, so I believe I could reach far.  I also have many different ideas such as the coasters, cards, and many different items.  

I have a mixed bag of friends, and I know my artist friends would say, “jump in”, and I know my commercial advertising photography friends would most likely say “work on editorial marketing”.  I know that shouldn’t sway my opinion, but I guess I just need more feedback. 

So I suppose the question to all of you is, have you ever worked with Etsy?  Are you a photographer on Etsy?  Is it worth my time, and would you buy a product from my shop? 

Thanks in advance! 

Pickle Test Shoot

This morning, I clearly woke up on the “I’m not a successful photographer” side of the bed.  I was complaining all morning to my amazing loving boyfriend, while merely trying to cheer me up, he tragically uttered the words… “you aren’t trying”, perhaps not meaning it the way I thought but, it sent me reeling to a new level of infuriated unsuccessful anger, and storming out of the room.  Yes, don’t worry I am aware I am a child, and I can’t believe I still throw temper tanturms.  While I was sulking by myself, I thought maybe he was right, I needed to try harder.  So after my love left for work, I pulled out all my equipment, and set up my photography studio in his office.  I have a feeling he won’t try to comfort me anymore!

After I got everything set up, it was clearly time for a test shoot, and what better to take pictures of are my cucumbers and pickles.  My garden lately has been producing more cucumbers that I know what to do with, so now I am going to put them to good use.

Maybe someday down the road, I will get hired by a farm, or a restaurant that needs me to take pictures of their cucumbers.  Or better yet a cookbook, that needs images for the recipes.  That is the dream, but until then I will keep trying, working on my technique, and attempt to stay positive.


Above is my first general set up.  It never remains that way, this is just the beginning stages.  I typically change it numerous times to get the shot that I actually need.  The office/studio is a bit small, but it works.


The cucumbers from the garden.  These babies just keep growing and growing and growing.  I love them, yet at the same time I am getting very tired of pickling!  But they really are very crisp and beautiful, with the right lighting, and styling, a simple cucumber can be a very clean photo.


And here is the final product from the months of tending, growing, and loving…The Pickles!  If I ever write a cookbook, I will include this image with the recipe on it.

And there we have it, it is before noon, I have gotten in an argument over my insecurities, set up a studio, and did a test shoot.  Now all I have to do is get to Vegan Sweet Tooth and help make a wedding cake.  Food is Art is Life

Fuel the Fire


I was recently reminded of this photo that I took in college because the bar that was below it, The Pigskin recently had a fire, and it seemed fitting.  I worked in the bar that was below this apartment for three years in college, and it is the one and only reason why I almost never left Athens Ohio, as well as just barely graduated college.  Working at The Pigskin gave me many different memories, and taught me many different things that I still take with me today.  But enough about my silly college shanangans, let’s talk photography… 

This photograph was a project that I had in mind ever since I saw this abandoned apartment.  This apartment has since been remodeled into a modern abode, and for that reason is why this image is so special.  I was able to walk into an enviroment that had not been touched in years, set up my lights and direct my models as I pleased.  The image speaks to me on many different levels, the contrast of the decomposition and fire damage of the room, with the level of dress the models are wearing.  I wanted this moment to be a drastic contrast, and somewhat of a metaphor of what many of us do in life. 

“When all things around you are a mess, put on your best, and carry on.”

 I think everyone can relate to this image, and we have all had situations where we could easily be one of the models in the photo, I know I can.  

If you want to purchase this image, you can view it in my gallery on my website, it comes in various sizes for you.  Enjoy. 

Food is Art is Life.

Sweet Petal Trunk Show

Sweet Petal Trunk Show

A good friend of mine introduced me to the owner of Sweet Petal floral shop downtown Chicago.  I was asked to participate in her Trunk Show, that the shop was going to put on.  I am very excited about the event, my photography will be displayed on the walls, for people’s viewing pleasure, and for purchase.  It should be a great event to hopefully meet new people, and expand the reach of my photography.  It seems that lately many people are having events, and I have been approached for another event in September as well.  Not to mention my O’Neill Art Show that I am organizing for August 28th.  Things have been a bit busy in my world, and I am very fortunate to be offered so many different opportunities to have my photography viewed in so many different venues.  So if you are in the neighborhood on September 9th, stop by Sweet Petal (537 S. Dearborn) and have a glass of wine, and a cupcake on us!  See you there!!!

Portrait with your Pet

Recently I have been approached by numerous people about taking portraits with their pets.  I attribute this to it being summer, and everyone being outside playing in the dog park, and at the dog beach.  My best friend just got married, and her miniature dachshund walked down the aisle, and was part of her wedding photos.  I completely understand the attachment to pets.  I have an incredible ornery, fat, long-haired calico cat.  My cat hates everything that has to do with getting her picture taken.  She closes her yes, and gets upset.  This is why her name is a swear word in a different language…Kaedella.  I love her, we have a lot in common.  Enough about me and my Kaedella, lets talk photography.  I have come up with a portrait package for you and your pet.  I figure it will only take 30 minutes, until the pet gets annoyed. So the package is…30 minutes for $125 at your favorite park with your pet.  Since it is a new package, I have a coupon on for $75.  Go get your pet, print your coupon, and give Tiffany O’Neill Photography a call!  See you at the park!  Don’t let the summer disappear without you getting a good portrait with your pet!

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirlooms from Lincoln Square Market

Now is the time in Chicago where all the markets, festivals, and events are in full swing.  My favorite part is the markets.  I live in Lincoln Square, and we now have two markets a week with fresh vegetable, flower, cheese, and sweets.  You name it, our market has it.  The one thing that caught my eye last week, were the heirloom tomatoes.  Clearly the colors of the tomatoes were what initially caught my eye.  The market was filled with them, so many reds, purples, greens, and ZEBRA colored tomatoes.  I must have been standing at the basket of tomatoes for 15 minutes trying to decide which colors were my favorite.  While I was standing there, the workers began to notice my unavoidable interest and inability to make a decision, so they started talking to me about the tomatoes.  It is so nice to be able to literally talk to the farmer that grew the food that you are buying.  I started asking how heirloom tomatoes come about.  The farmer broke it down for me, essentially telling me about seed saving.  The farmers save the seeds of the tomatoes, clean them, and reuse them.  Upon doing so, the tomatoes start to change in a way that no others can.  They form the different colors, and have an incredibly different shape.  The tomatoes above were cultivated by seeds that have been saved and used for over 50 years!  INCREDIBLE!  I couldn’t wait to get home and take pictures of these bad boys.  I had a great time at the farmers market learning about Heirlooms and now I get to share my little knowledge of them with you.  I had a salad last night with them in it, and they taste amazing.  They have much more flavor than most tomatoes I have bought at the supermarket.  Granted, they are more expensive, but the visual appearance, and the taste are well worth the extra $1.  So go to your local market and have fun…I know I did.